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We cant stop here,.. its bat country!

Dog fucked a pope, No fault of mine

i love johnny depp
6 February
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  • dcgreenstar
heres my other journal but its kinda old. its has my older posts in it...from before i started this one. http://www.blurty.com/users/dcgreenstar

i also havea xanga(dcgreenstar-username) that i use all the time eeh

**i wanna fuck u in your gods hands** <33 - head automatica <33

*your eyes... they tried to search for mine*


adidas, american history x, animals, aqua teen hunger force, art, bass, bass players, bbq sauce, betty boop, black, black and white, black eyeliner, black nailpolish, blackout, blindside, blue, bob marley, bon fires, bottom loungue, boys, bugles, burger king, camaros, cameras, checkerboared, cheese, chicgao, chocolate, clearwater theater, clothes, clowns, coca, computers, converse, dazed and confused, dnl, drawing, drums, elijah wood, emo, emoboys, erin, ernie, eve 6, face the jury, faceparty, faygo, fear and loathing, food, gauged ears, goldfish, green, gum, gummi bears, having fun, hawthorne heights, hemp necklaces, horror movies, hot cheetos, hot tubs, hot twins, hugs, inside jokes, intelligence, jello shots, jewelery, kissing, labret piercings, las vegas, leopard print, liftpoint, lip gloss, liquid eyeliner, listening to music, lord of the rings, love, make out club, mangos, mashed potatos, massages, matthew lillard, metro, misfits, mohawks, money, monkeys, mushroomhead, mushrooms, music, nice bodys, nightmarebefore christmas, nipple piercings, no doubt, oreos, orlando bloom, ozz fest, penguines, pens, people with teeth, phones, photography, pictures, piercings, pillows, pizza, pizza bread, playing guitar, poison the well, puerto rican cooking, radiohead, ramen noodle soup, random outbursts, ravoli, red, reforma, reggae, scarfs, shades of fiction, shoes, singing, ska, slc punk, sleeping, slipknot, socks, soil, stars, strawberries, sublime, subway, tabasco sause, taco doritos, taco flavored doritos, taking back sunday, taking showers, tattoos, the color black, twiztid, underwear, vampires, vans, warmth, warped tour, wendys, woods, writing, yahoo